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Mold situation and manufacturing modes

1、Full contract
    This is an original mode for mold manufacturing, while the mold
company first received the orders and then quotes price to the mold
maker, and the mold maker should be completely responsible for the
manufacture of molds. From receiving orders to completing the molds,
the mold company doesn't involve itself in the process unless clients'
design changed.Their only responsibility is inspection the mold and
products before shipment.
     Shortage of this mode: the prolongation of the processing cycle,
mold quality and precision can not be controlled, so the quality of
molds can not be guaranteed. But for the mold company it is
manageable and cheaper.
    The mold company's poor capability leads to such a bad result,
they need to share the risks with mold maker, the mold company
and the mold maker both pursue profits, and so the only methods
is lower cost. They have to reduce cost through these methods,
for example change the structure of mold and mold steels, transform
standard parts,lower manufacturing request, change machining
technics and so on. Since nobody controls the mold design and
manufacturing process, it is inevitable to delay the period,besides
the quality of molds is too poor.
2、Mostly contract
      After receiving the projects, the mold company requested the mold
maker to provide the mold drawing and quotations,and then provide
steels and the standard parts to the mold maker. The mold maker can
be responsible for the manufacture of molds.
      Shortage of this mode: mold progress, quality and precision can't
be controlled,so the quality and progress can't be guaranteed.This
mode is superior to the above one,because the mold steel can be
guaranteed.This is the main mode in the mold field presently.
3、Section contract
  After receiving the projects, the mold company designs mold,
purchase the steel and standard parts, then hands over them to mold
maker. The process of mold making must be done by the appointed
machining factory,the machining cost will be paid by Mold Company.
      Shortage of this mode: The appointed machining factories
excessively pursue speed, so the accuracy and quality of processing
are overlooked. The latter progress of the mold manufacturing will be
brought some unnecessary troubles .The quality of mold depends on
the appointed machining factories, so the quality must be unstable!
      The form of this mode is because mold companies have the quality
consciousness to some degree,but their operation is unstable. they
don't dare to stock equipments, so their machining ability is too poor.

4、Manufacturing by itself
   Mold Company has a good team and a complete set of mold
manufacturing equipment,mold design, mold manufacturingn are
basically completed in Mold Company. Therefore, the quality and
manufacturing progress of mold can be controlled. However,such
enterprise is not too numerous,besides the prices are quite expensive.
Their clients only include large domestic enterprises and famous
foreign enterprises. They also will adopt the third mode when the
yield is not enough.

     Those three mold making modes above have less quality control in
the process of mold design and manufacturing except mold maker,
the fourth may have control to some degree,just self-monitoring.
Usually mold making will not have serious mistakes, but if we had this
problem, what can we do? 

     The customers can choose different manufacturers according to
mold cost, mould warranty, mould quality and so on.Only in this way
customers can get good molds in the premise of low costs and high

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