MouldQC Service Center


                        LET US BE YOUR EYES AND EARS

       MouldQC Service Center(MQC) located in Huanyan Taizhou---
hometown fo moulds and kingdom of the plastic! It based on  more than
3000 mould companies which located In Taizhou and Ningbo area.
It is the unique and the earliest one which supply professional
services of following up the mould project process for customer from abroad.

        We help customers to understand the mould situation of China better,
to the characteristics and advantages of domestic regional mould field.
We help customers to find the right mould suppliers. We follow up the whole
process including the mould design, the schedule of manufacturing. We make
sure the process under our control, to reduce unnecessary cost
and improve
mould quality and deliver your mould on time. 

        We have a good team of project engineers, they have more than 10 years
experience of mould manufacturing.We are familiar with HASCO and DME
systems,so we can understand
the drawing and your requirements of the mould
very well, and monitor the manufacturing process to make sure those projects
are under our control.

       We can help you follow up plastic injection.We are good at plating product.

        We are professional, we are honest, and we know local mould companies,
so we can do better together!


Service Range:  China Sourcing,   Project Follow Up,    Mould Quality Control,  Plastic Injection
                                 Plating Product.  Tool

                              Main product
rubber mold, rubber extrusion mould, various extrusion mould, silicone mould,precision
mould,transparent mould, plating mold, Ventilation tube mould,blowing preform mould ,
Commodity Mould , Home Appliance Mould , pipe mould ,  Bumper mould,
Auto Lamp Mould,Auto Ornament tool,Washing Machine Mold,
Air-condition Mould ,Auto Accessories tooling


Address: Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

EMail: 浙ICP备07026800号